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ToeFX Fungal Nail Treatment

Clear up your toenail fungus with a new, effective, painless treatment option

Nail fungus is stubborn and can persist for years

ToeFX Light Therapy uses gentle, non-laser light to clear up nails. During treatment, your Foot Care Nurse will prepare your nails, apply a blue serum and then shine a light on the nails.


Slow and steady beats the fungus

Treatment every two weeks has been clinically proven to result in significant clearance of the nails.


Ask your Foot Care Nurse about this treatment today ToeFX’s therapy is safe, Health Canada authorized, painless and has no side effects. All you need to do is show up for treatment and follow the lifestyle advice from your Foot Care Nurse.


ToeFX Fungal Nail Initial Treatment

75 minutes


ToeFX Fungal Nail Ongoing Treatment

60 minutes


What to expect from ClearToe Therapy


BEFORE TREATMENTS: There is no need to pre-treat your toenails in any way. Bring a pair of clean, dark coloured socks to your appointments. 



  1. The Foot Care Nurse will file down all toenails in preparation for the serum.

  2. The ClearToe Serum:

    • is blue and will be applied to all nails and allowed to dry for 15 minutes​

    • the ClearToe Serum binds to the fungal cells and stains them to make them vulnerable to destruction by light

    • the blue color fades in 7-10 days

    • as the infection clears, less blue is retained because there is less fungus to adhere to

    • wearing nail polish is not recommended during the course of treatment

  3. ​The ClearToe Therapy Light is placed over the toenails for 15 minutes​

    • as toenail growth averages 0.5mm per month, typically 10 treatments once every 2 weeks are required to see new growth of the toenail​

BETWEEN TREATMENTS: Remember to wear clean socks every day and spray your shoes with Podoexpert Shoe and Foot Deodorant to prevent the growth and return of toenail fungus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ClearToe Light differ from other off-the-shelf red lights?

The ClearToe Therapy Light is the only laser-free Class 2 photodisinfection device authorized for sale by Health Canada for the clearance of onychomycosis. The ClearToe Therapy Light was specifically designed for toenail fungus and is backed by years of laboratory research and clinical studies.


What is the serum made of?

Our proprietary serum consists of a photosensitizer, an herbal extract and a solvent. The serum is non-toxic and the elements work synergistically to increase nail penetration and combat fungus.

Can I use other toenail fungal treatments in between ToeFX treatments? (e.g., Jublia, Podoexpert Healthy Nails Tincture, Lamisil)

ToeFX has no known interactions with other topical treatments. If you choose to use other products, they can safely be used in conjunction with ToeFX. Having said that, ToeFX treatment is very effective and no additional treatment is required between sessions.

How long does a session of ClearToe Therapy take?

Our initial treatment is 45 minutes, as we explain the process as well as take pictures to track your progress.  

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