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HCA Training for Organizations

Major foot amputations are on the rise. 

Train your Health Care Assistants in Foot Care Assessment to aid in limb preservation.


Do you find your foot health care services fragmented?  

Are infection and ulcer management costs escalating?

Are complications from diabetes resulting in significant challenges? 

Do you feel your Health Care Assistants could do more to help with limb preservation?


Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant



Understand your value as a member of the foot health team!

Learn the key elements of conducting a lower limb assessment so that you can aid in decreasing the incidence of amputations and aid in limb preservation for clients!

Whole Health Care trains Health Care Assistants in Foot Care Assessment allowing them to conduct lower limb assessments through early recognition and screening of ulcers, disorders, and deformities. Our Foot Care Assessment course provides patients with timely solutions, clear outcomes, and a high level of care. Patients of all ages benefit from increased mobility and improved quality of life.

Why have us train your Health Care Assistants?

  • Increased staff value and skills through upstream interventions

  • Improved communication between health care assistants and nurses

  • Health Care Assistants understanding the importance of early recognition and screening

  • Health Care Assistants understanding the impact on patient mobility and well-being

  • Reduced infection with improved ulcer prevention

  • Health Care Assistants can complete on their own time with 24/7 access to the online learning platform

Learning Objectives

  • ​Identify nail and skin conditions

  • Recognize major types of diseases that affect the foot

  • ​Learn how ulcers occur in the lower limb

  • ​Learn the skills needed to conduct Lower Limb Assessments

  • ​Understand your role in Limb Preservation

The Online Course

Module 1

Why Assessment Matters 

Module 2

Get Ready to Conduct a Lower Limb Assessment 

Module 3

Conduct Your Assessment the Right Way 

Module 4

Make Your Assessment Matter 

The Virtual or In-Person Practicum

Following the completion of the online portion,

you can join us for the 1 day virtual or in-person practical portion.


This course is designed for the Health Care Assistants. Must have a Health Care Assistant certificate.


Online. 24/7 access to learning platform.​



Must achieve 70% on the mandatory final exam.
Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion in Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant.

Maple Manuel.png

I liked all the clarification about foot care and the importance of foot care.  I appreciate the visual learning and the hands-on learning.

Maple Manuel, HCA

You probably have some questions like…

How does this course benefit my organization? 

The course is a foundational component of an advanced nursing foot care team. The course educates Health Care Assistants to perform lower limb assessments resulting in increased patient care and escalation of patient concerns to foot care nurses and other practitioners. 


Does the course have a specific start date or length of time required?
No. The course format is online and self-paced to provide Health Care Assistants with the flexibility to continue  working and studying. The course and exam are complete in three days of full-time study.  Students have 180 days to complete the course and final exam.

What is the cost? 

The course is $997.00 plus tax per student. Discounts are available depending on your organization's unique needs. 

What does success look like for students? 

Must achieve 70% on the mandatory final exam.
Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion in Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant.

Can I preview the course? 

Yes. Organizations receive a 5-day limited preview free of charge. 

Is additional training offered? 

Yes! Whole Health Care provides additional training options for Health Care Assistants. Training is in person at  our facility or yours. 

The second course in the Health Care Assistant series, How to Provide Safe Care for Patients, teaches Health Care Assistants how to properly cut and file nails with the appropriate level of allowable care. 


The third course provides an in-person or online lower limb assessment practical component providing Health Care Assistants with the confidence required to complete assessments. 


Additionally, Whole Health Care provides advanced nursing foot care training to LPNs and RNs,  Onyfix & Podoexpert certification, and individual mentoring.

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