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Body Sculpting & Contouring

Natural Beauty

Body Sculpting Consultation

Body Sculpting


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Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Brazilian Beauty Formula


We have a variety of services for your whole body wellness.

Vacuum Therapy

4D Lipo-Cavitation

Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage
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Colombian Butt Lift

Vacuum Therapy


Image by Dmitry Osipenko

Hip Dip


Vacuum Therapy


Wonder Breast Lift

Vacuum Therapy


Image by Dainis Graveris

Cellulite Treatment

Vacuum Therapy


Vacuum Therapy
Vacuum Therapy is the updated version of traditional cupping that offers superb health benefits. 

At Whole Health Care we use this non-invasive technique to reshape, lift, and contour the buttocks and breasts. 

Benefits of the treatment include reduction of the appearance of cellulite, softening of fascia and body tissues, improvement of the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as increased lymphatic drainage and blood

Vacuum Therapy is for almost everyone.  With no surgery, pain, or downtime, our clients can lift, sculpt, and slim the body in
an hour per week.

Image by Alexander Grey

4D Lipo-Cavitation



Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Full Body RF Skin Firming



RF Breast Lift



4D Lipo-Cavitation
4D Lipo-Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment that combines four different body sculpting technologies targeting fat removal and skin tightening without surgery.

The 4 steps of the treatment are:
1. Ultrasonic Cavitation: low
-frequency sound waves create pressure within fat cells that liquefies the fats and releases them into the bloodstream
2. Vacuum Slimming RF: stimulates blood circulation and the production of collagen.  Skin appears firmer and toned, while the previously released fats are encouraged to drain via the lymphatic system
3. Radio-Frequency: warms the skin, boosting collagen production, as well as minimizing the appearance of cellulite and decreasing the volume of the area
4. Laser Lipolysis: a light-based technology designed to further empty fat cells of their contents, causing the cells to then shrink which results in a slimmer figure

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