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On-Site Training

Learn the principles, knowledge and skills that will ensure immediate success as a Foot Care Nurse.

You’ve thought about becoming a Foot Care Nurse but you’re feeling uncertain.


You’re probably thinking:

“I have no idea how to start out in this!”

"I want to expand my scope of nursing skills and make a difference…"

"Will doing foot care be able to support me and my family?"

"Do I have the ability to begin a business as a foot care nurse?"

How would your life be different if you could be in control of the hours you work?

You would finally feel successful having conquered your fears and seeing this through to the end.

You would feel proud with a new set of skills as a foot care nurse, knowing you can make a difference.

If you are:

  • Looking for a new avenue in your career and are interested in developing your skills in a growing field

  • An RN, LPN, RPN or NP eager to begin a career as a Foot Care Nurse (FCN) or expand your scope of nursing skills

  • Transitioning into retirement and want more flexibility in your work schedule

  • Juggling a busy schedule and would appreciate learning in a program with a short duration

  • Desire a deeper connection with your clients and feel you can create this by starting your own Nursing Foot Care business

  • A Foot Care Nurse (FCN) intending to update your competencies to restart, or continue, your Foot Care career with confidence and ease

  • ​Looking for a program that provides the principles, knowledge and skills that will ensure immediate success

...then you're in the right place!


Advanced Nursing Foot Care Intensive 


A 5-day intensive course where you will learn the principles, knowledge and skills that will ensure immediate success as a Foot Care Nurse.

This comprehensive course complies with National Competencies as set by the 

Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN)

2023 Intakes

Please note: only 6 seats are available for each course 


March 13-17, 2023

May 8-12, 2023

June 5-9, 2023

July 24-28, 2023

October 16-20, 2023

November 6-10, 2023


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)



1 payment


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)

1 payment


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)



2 monthly payments of


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)

2 monthly payments of


The Advanced Nursing Foot Care Intensive is DIFFERENT.

The Advanced Nursing Foot Care Intensive with Whole Health Care is unique in that you will complete the course in just five days!


The Pre-Study portion is done online.  You'll gain access to these modules once you register and choose your payment option.

The course, itself, is an in-person class with a low instructor/student ratio. Students gain knowledge through daily theory and practical. Guided clinical activities are designed to meet course outcomes and integrate knowledge using evidence-based practice.


This course is student-centered, engaging, and challenging.  Foot Care Nurses, experienced in daily practice, support you in your clinical component with first-hand knowledge and practical judgment.


To begin a career as a Foot Care Nurse, complete the course in five days to implement your skills immediately!

After successfully completing the Advanced Nursing Foot Care Intensive you’ll…

  • Gain the confidence to provide care according to best practice as the course follows the standards as set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses

  • Learn the principles, knowledge, and skills to provide safe foot care

  • Identify nail and skin disorders, structural deformities, and the risk factors impacting mobility

  • Understand the complexities of the high-risk foot, including Diabetes Mellitus 

  • Gain understanding of Instrument Management and Sterilization Standards within British Columbia and Canada

  • Learn advanced techniques in foot care with daily podiatric drill experience

  • Learn skills so that you can implement quickly following completion of the course

The Online Pre-Study...

Module 1: Anatomy and Physiology

This section is a review of A&P as it relates to the foot.


Module 2: Nail Disorders:

This section will teach you the different nail disorders of the nail plate and the nail bed.


Module 3: Skin Disorders:

This section will teach you about skin disorders as they relate to the foot.

Each teaching module is easy to work through and there are workbooks to help you record and reflect on your answers, resulting in useful notes to review. No need to download the modules as you will receive these on Day 1 of the in-person course.

The 5-Day In-Person Intensive

Following the completion of the pre-study portion, you'll join us for the 5 day Intensive in-person portion where instruction will occur on the remaining topics:

Foot Care Assessment

Structural Deformities, Biomechanical Assessment, Orthotics

The High Risk Client and Diabetes

Infection Control Guidelines

Instrument Management and Sterilization


This course is designed for the Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and Nurse Practitioner. 

You will be required to provide a copy of your current nursing license during the registration process.​



The pre-study portion is done through our online learning platform.

The in-person portion is a 37.5 hour intensive program. Class takes place Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm each day.


This course is classroom based with instructor-led theory and daily clinical experience.  The daily clinical portion involves practical application of skills with supervised assessment performed on clients and fellow students.  

All foot care instruments, supplies and podiatric drills used during the clinical portion are provided for the duration of the program.​

A starter kit is available as part of your registration.  Please see your registration options here.


Must achieve 75% on the mandatory final exam. Students receive a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Nursing Foot Care.


Scrubs are to be worn daily.  Please wear closed-toed shoes as there is clinical each day.

This program has limited seats to provide a low student to facilitator ratio, thereby ensuring the full benefits of this educational opportunity.  Early registration is advised.

The Advanced Nursing Foot Care course helped me realize the impact that screening and referral could have on a client’s well-being.

Brandy Adams, LPN, FCN

Ready to become an Advanced Foot Care Nurse?

We're so confident in the quality of this course and on the results you'll get by the end of it that we offer a money-back guarantee! Refunds may be requested up to 7 days after enrolment AND if not more than 10% of the course has been viewed. Refund requests may be sent to admin@whckamloops.ca

Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)



1 payment


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)

1 payment


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)



2 monthly payments of


Advanced Nursing Foot Care (ANFC)

2 monthly payments of


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