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Advanced Nursing Nail Care

A commitment to your wellness and mobility...

  • Have you cared for your nails in the past, but are now having difficulty reaching your feet? 

  • Do you experience foot, leg, or back pain when walking or wearing shoes around the house?

  • Are your thick toenails unmanageable, and have you wondering if you have a fungus infection?

An easy-to-follow plan working with Whole Health Care:

  • At your appointment, your Foot Care Nurse will cut and file your nails, as well as remove callus around the toes.

  • Your FCN works with you to create a care plan that aligns with you and your budget.  They will make recommendations and referrals to support your continued mobility.

  • Your next appointment - either foot care or nail care - is scheduled right at the time of your service to help you stay on track with your care plan. 

  • You'll feel confident and assured, knowing you have a simple plan to keep moving forward!

Nursing Nail Care: $65

45 minutes