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Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant

(FCA for the HCA)

This intensive 3 day course provides Health Care Assistants with the skills to recognize foot-related problems, and communicate their findings with nurses. 


The curriculum is designed for HCAs who care for the elderly, people with disabilities, or those who are unable to care for themselves.  The demand for safe foot care is high.  As front line care providers, HCAs assist their clients in recognizing that foot problems are not simply a part of aging.


The in-class instruction and clinical portion teaches students basic assessment of the feet, filing and massage techniques, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, and documentation.



✢✢✢ Disclaimer: Completion of the Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant program does not allow an HCA to work in the capacity of a Foot Care Nurse.  A Foot Care Nurse must be a RN, LPN, NP, or RPN with a certificate of completion in a Foot Care Nurse course.✢✢✢


Program Dates:

August 4-5, 2022

Please send your complete student registration to admin@whckamloops.ca


  1. Describe Basic Anatomy of the foot in relation to general assessment and aging

  2. Identify nail and skin disorders

  3. Identify structural deformities and their relation to mobility, balance, and Pressure Ulcer Prevention

  4. Perform filing and massage techniques

  5. Recognize High Risk clients for consultation with health care team 

  6. Carry out documentation for discussion with nurse, if required


This course is designed for the Health Care Assistant. Please provide proof of training with your registration by email to admin@whckamloops.ca 


This is an 12 hour program. 

Class takes place from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm each day.

Schedule provided on Day 1.


This course is classroom based with instructor-led theory and clinical experience.  The clinical portion involves practical application of skills with supervised assessment, performed on fellow students and clients.  All materials are provided for the clinical portion.



No text is required for this course. All handouts and materials will be provided throughout the course.



Scrubs are to be worn daily.  

All materials are supplied.

Lunches are the responsibility of the student.



Open Book Final Exam with 70% pass mark required.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion in Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant.

Please email your complete student registration to admin@whckamloops.ca


AUGUST 4-5, 2022


Whole Health Care

257 Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC

Phone: 250-819-1632


$1257 (includes GST)

$150 deposit must be paid at time of registration to reserve your seat.  Tuition fees must be paid in full 30 days prior to start date of course to hold your seat.  If fees remain unpaid 30 days prior to the start date, the student will be moved to the next available intake.  Alternate plans can be arranged with notification from the student.  Please contact our office to make arrangements @ (250) 819-1632