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Training for Organizations

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Our Vision

To inspire excellence in our students while cultivating a passion for foot care.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our students with the skills, knowledge, and professionalism that are essential as part of a foot care team.


Comprehensive Programs...

Our curriculums are designed for busy Nurses and HCAs.

Acquire new and essential skills in small class sizes and intensive programs.

Gain the expertise and confidence needed for a successful career.

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First Hand Experience…

Founder and lead educator, Colleen Thom, RN, FCN, brings with her 40+ years of combined experience in Peri-operative Nursing, Geriatrics, and Advanced Nursing Foot Care.

Colleen designed Whole Health Care's training programs for Nurses, from the

perspective of a Foot Care Nurse and business-owner.


Kamloops is located at the juncture of Highways 5 & 97, Trans-Canada and Yellowhead Highways.  In addition, the Kamloops International Airport is serviced by WestJet, Air Canada, and Central Mountain Air, making travel easy for students.


On-site Training...

While the Advanced Nursing Foot Care Intensive and Foot Care Assessment for the Health Care Assistant programs are offered in Kamloops throughout the year, Whole Health Care also provides on-site training with a minimum class size.


Contact our office directly to inquire about customized programs for your facility.

Phone: 250.819.1632