Advanced Nursing Foot Care

Is this you?

You live with Diabetes and are unsure about the best way to care for your feet safely.

You experience foot, leg, or even back pain when walking, or wearing shoes, and you find it tiring to stay active.

Your thick toenails are unmanageable, and even have you wondering if they might be infected.

Your family member is in need of proper foot care and you're daunted by the task.

You've had pedicures in the past but have concerns about health and safety, and the possible risk of infection.

You attempt to care for your own feet, but it is increasingly difficult to reach them.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Here's the key...

You know that self-care is the most important step in staying youthful.  Your desire is to keep moving forward in your life, happy, healthy and pain-free.

What you're seeking now is a path to wellness with an easy-to-follow plan to retain mobility and regain your youthful vibrancy.

Here's what it looks like when you are working with Whole Health Care:

  • Your initial appointment includes a complementary assessment of your lower legs and feet, discussion of available services and your safety, as all foot care instruments are packaged and sterilized "to the point of use."

  • A qualified Foot Care Nurse works with you to create a transformational care plan that aligns with you, and your budget.

  • Your Foot Care Nurse ensures you understand the steps of your care plan, instructing you on effective home care and providing referrals to other Health Care Professionals as necessary.

  • Your next appointments are scheduled right at the time of service, ensuring you'll always be on track with your foot care transformation.

  • You'll feel confident and assured, knowing you have an easy plan to follow to keep you moving forward!

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You may be eligible for foot care coverage through your extended medical plan.

Canada Revenue Agency recognizes foot care as a medical expense.

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